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Friday, 21 November 2014

Change With Your Brain In Mind

What we look closely at build ordeals. Your current ordeals produce beliefs. Your current beliefs travel the measures. Your current measures produce results. When you'd like to make a change in your own life, that you are in place deciding to start with paying attention to something different, some thing fresh, some thing which may be uncomfortable. Participating in to some thing fresh builds fresh ordeals, which could at some point travel unique results. Building a constructive change in your own life is usually first in relation to paying attention the interest in fresh ordeals.

Although individuals who have experimented with change her or his lifetime is aware of exactly how tricky it truly is. I have written about the value regarding purposeful ordeals to get over driving a car, question, as well as procrastination that we just about all suffer from. What exactly When i have not written about nevertheless is usually in which gleam real element to why it truly is so challenging to alter: our mind will not need to. As humans creatures our several smells take you a consistent mode regarding facts. I am continually in some mix of reading, experiencing, tasting, pressing, as well as smelling all sorts.

On the other hand, due to the technique the mind operates, the vast majority of what exactly our smells take in never ever causes it to be to aware awareness. Exactly how your brain is usually "wired" is a difficult theme, but I have to hint about it in brief to create in your interest (no pun intended) crucial fundamentals in relation to your brain in which has impact on the behaviour as well as exactly how your brain replies to alter.

Primary, your brain could be the largest client of one's within your body. While you are really centered on some thing, your brain is usually eating a huge volume of electricity.

Next, simply because humans developed in a earth where electricity seemed to be scarce and also you failed to always realize where your following mealtime seemed to be coming from, reducing electricity developed as being a fundamental emergency process.

Next, as the largest client of one's, your brain developed to store electricity wherever possible. A great way the mind sustains electricity is usually discarding if you may, advices from the smells your brain has formerly identified as non-threatening or maybe regime.

4th, dismissing or maybe paying out very little attention to formerly discovered appears to be, places, and so forth., will allow your brain to become ready to look closely at stuffs that are usually fresh as well as likely food, or maybe something considers anyone while food. Don't forget forty five 500 in the past, anyone failed to actually realize where your following mealtime seemed to be coming from, but every bit as crucial anyone failed to actually realize once you would likely knowledge something needed to make you the subsequent mealtime. Consequently to become capable of rapidly identify any hazard with your environment in order to spend less electricity, your brain wishes to be in secure, well-known areas. One example is, your brain wishes the appears to be the item learns to become regime, recurring appears to be the item learns every day so it could be ready for attending abnormal disturbance being a lion's roar or maybe a person getting close to. As a possible fascinating away, our mind are usually sent in order that deafening disturbance move right to the the main brain in which settings the fight or maybe journey result, and that's why we bounce on deafening disturbance, perhaps at times if we realize these are arriving. Due to the fact concentrated interest increases the witout a doubt lots of electricity your brain uses, your brain is usually tricky sent to rapidly incorporate the new along with the new in to the popular as well as regime. Carrying on with our examples of sound, perhaps you have observed exactly how folks who suffer from existed next to any railway or maybe subway for years often hardly notice the prepare roaring by means of? The way they get out of bed to regular any menu going to vibrate over dining room table even while carrying on the talk with no stop or even taking a look at the driving prepare; merely on auto-pilot raising the noises so as to end up being heard, as long as you're totally centered on exactly how deafening the prepare is usually. A great way our mind aid you to scale back the amount of we've got to look closely at points is usually as a result of habits. Upon having any regime along in the morning, you don't really ponder over it. You're possibly planning on another thing when you feel the motions regarding what we carry out each and every early morning.

This is legitimate regarding perhaps sophisticated duties. Think about the amount of interest as well as focus the item expected once you ended up finding out the best way to travel a motor vehicle as well as exactly how rapidly the behave regarding traveling no longer dominated the interest. You might have possibly heard a person declare, or maybe maybe you've explained, "I will not thoughts the lengthy travel directly into work. It provides everyone period to think about what exactly I have to have completely finished in which day time. "Or think about these first few days at the fresh employment or a fresh college as soon as everything seemed to be fresh as well as abnormal as well as the amount of aware imagined as well as attempt the item got when you created your path through a fresh environment. Next comparison in which with the information it truly is just like currently now that the surroundings isn't a more time fresh as well as handling work or maybe college is usually regime. Next think about exactly how annoyed you will get as soon as some thing takes you from the regime.

Becoming familiar with all sorts takes place naturally. You won't really determine, the item merely takes place. The human brain really wants to release the aware thoughts from regime activities, avoiding the action deplete they might lead to, so you you will need to attend to the abnormal, quite, living intimidating, or maybe lifetime preserving. The key position this is your brain has developed over time to classify a lot of what we knowledge daily directly into non-important regime activities in which don't require a great deal interest, so you are usually no cost for attending fresh or maybe crucial ordeals. On the other hand, because the mind wishes to ensure you can attend to fresh activities doesn't imply the item enjoys the new or maybe the new. In reality, it truly is merely the other, that we may explore subsequent. When you'd like to make a change in your own life, that you are in place deciding to start with paying attention to something different, some thing fresh, some thing which may be uncomfortable.

You will find 3 crucial details in this article. Just one, your brain doesn't wish fresh, the item wishes the acquainted, the lower electricity ordeals it is aware of as well as can feel protected in relation to. A couple, your brain will probably evaluate fresh ordeals with the information the item is aware of and look to avoid saying the event, especially if the aware thoughts feels of the fresh knowledge while bad. Next, in spite of position number a couple of, in the event the knowledge is usually repetitive adequate, the item will begin to add in in which knowledge, perhaps bad types, in to the acquainted so that it doesn't get rid of a lot electricity. When you'd like to make a change in your own life, know that your brain is usually sent not to ever just like change. The actual position quo is usually protected. Transform is usually risky. Transform will take electricity. The human brain really wants to spend less electricity. The mind wishes confidence. Transform is usually doubtful. Certainly, When i will not imply to imply change is usually not possible. Naturally, it truly is. On the other hand, anytime When i talk to a person with regards to a change they want to help to make into their lifetime, When i generally talk to these people regarding the technique our mind are usually sent. Like an around safety family member or maybe friend that will get restless as soon as you should do some thing fresh, our mind may knowledge soreness along with fresh. Consequently if you know, are available methods for you to aid your brain as well as on your own receive outside of the intimidating, electricity strenuous not used to a location where change turns into the protected lower electricity acquainted? A better solution is usually yes as well as I will hint in 7 methods for you to align your thinking as well as measures along with exactly how your brain operates.

1) Requirement - Set the expectations to what you need experiencing on the planet and you should detect more than it. Perhaps you have observed exactly how right after you choose to get a fresh computer or even the latest auto, anyone suddenly begin to observe these people almost everywhere? They failed to like magic appear. We were holding always generally there, however, you usually do not detect points unrelated in your interests. What exactly changed is related to exactly how deciding to perform some thing serves in your perceptual operations. It in fact has effects on exactly how neurons flames with reply to might know about observe. The object of this conclusion currently has the interest along with the perceptual a part of your brain begins to act in response as soon as the item recognizes some thing related to your interest. Rather than the "nothing to see in this article, we should go on" sort of result which will not really allow it to be the aware awareness, your brain replies which has a "hey there have been a few interest in this article, far better deliver the item around get it tested out". Issues natural meats observe or maybe listen to in relation to real estate investment trading might hardly enroll in your aware awareness until we determine we are considering real estate investment trading. Besides paying out more attention to real estate investment trading, your brain may on auto-pilot begin to compare this specific fresh interest along with prior ordeals searching for some thing acquainted. The human brain utilizes prior knowledge to create expectations for what exactly the perceptual circuits should be searching for to deliver around our aware awareness. Expectations change the way you knowledge activities. Your current inner expectations have an effect on what exactly facts anyone rate on the planet. Once the expectation is usually bad, your brain primes itself to impression proof bad results. The moment set up your brain may target each and every hint of the bad, real or maybe dreamed, as well as ignore or maybe decrease the constructive. You are able to prepare yourself the perceptual a part of your brain by means of where anyone direct the interest. Set the expectations to what you need experiencing on the planet and you should detect more than it. Repetition as well as Ambitions can assist you get your expectations concentrated in the correct path.

2) Repetition - Greater you do some thing, the much less electricity your brain must carry out itMaking a difference, from some thing easy just like buying in a fresh supermarket to finding out any clarinet, is a process of generating fresh cable connections with your brain. While you study fresh duties or maybe knowledge, unique habits regarding neurons in various areas of the mind start off to make a interconnection. Greater times a job is usually repetitive the tougher these cable connections come to be. The actual tougher many people come to be, the more automatic the duty turns into, reducing the action expected of our own aware awareness (think finding out how to travel any car). Don't forget your brain really wants to automate as often regarding what exactly it can as it can be so it could be liberal to look closely at improvements with your environment which will signify any hazard. Basic duties can become automatic with less than 3 practice, nevertheless sophisticated duties might take many hours. Remarkably sophisticated duties, just like building a great skills in some enterprise, are usually a constant course of action that requires several many hrs regarding process as well as expression. The kind of change that you are thinking about or maybe looking to help to make is liable of the more complex wide variety and you'll effortlessly come to be stressed because of it. That's the spot that the correct objectives will help.

3) Ambitions - Create the sophisticated lots of simpleTo generate points more automatic, sophisticated finding out duties are usually far better once they are usually divided directly into more compact, more manageable portions. A difference that is certainly divided into a routine regarding more compact, less difficult duties is usually not as likely to lead to anxiety from uncertainty, dread, or maybe ambiguity and therefore increase the possibilities for success. Our mind are usually sent to instantly find improvements or maybe achievable mistakes in the environment in order to deliver solid impulses to warn you to anything at all abnormal, or maybe not known. This specific malfunction warn device in the brain is usually directly associated with the brain's dread circuitry. Error detection will cause you to behave more sentimentally plus much more impulsively. Our considering may be effortlessly stressed as well as inundated along with malfunction impulses if we are usually confronted by scenarios regarding uncertainty, rejection, unfairness, or maybe ambiguity. Make use of finding out how to travel for example, many of us commenced slowly and gradually someplace where there is very little site visitors. Our brain seemed to be busily generating fresh cable connections involving the areas of the mind in which cope with eye-sight, motor settings, as well as generating decisions. The actual raising comfortableness anyone experienced while you figured out to drive seemed to be a consequence of the progressively more tougher cable connections building within your brain. Visualize exactly how your brain would likely act in response in the event that for the first traveling session, the traveling teacher drove one to the in ramp of an hectic fast-moving 8 street interstate as well as told one to acquire the owners chair, can get on the interstate, as well as instantly enter into the quick street. However, at times in your fervour for self-improvement as well as personal progress, we in place seek to bounce straight into the quick street. Set more compact objectives which are specific as well as very well explained so guess what happens thing to do. Additionally, you will convey more success along with objectives which are time-defined rather then obscure personal references on the potential: 8 weeks as opposed to someday subsequent year. They should be measureable to help you to observe the improvement as well as difficult adequate to produce a level regarding bridal but not so difficult regarding produce anxiety as well as invoke malfunction impulses. Wearing down big duties directly into more compact portions additionally enables you to influence Requirement as well as Repetition. By removing incremental measures, you can influence the mind wish to automate duties. While you develop the skills, your brain is usually building the cable connections in which allow the brain to complete functions related to your knowledge in a much less stressful, reduced electricity, more automatic trend. The mind additionally utilizes previous ordeals to create expectations for potential activities. The actual mind connection with success as a result of gradual measures helps fixed the expectation for more success that primes the perceptual system to find confirmations regarding potential success, definitely not confirmations regarding previous failing. Establishing the best objectives can assist you build as well as support the fact you can have great results, however, you additionally need to have time for you to focus.

4) Concentrate - Take full advantage of the minimal period anyone haveYour aware awareness along with the brain circuits in which assist the item are easily mobile phone from the countless inbound physical advices your brain is usually running. It requires huge electricity to help keep the target only 1 matter. Some sort of distraction is a sign in which some thing with your environment has changed as well as that you must look closely at the item. The real key key phrase this is "have to". Participating in to alter impulses in the environment is usually automatic. The human brain is usually tricky sent to warn one to anything at all that might be any hazard. Concentrate is quite a bit less complicated with situations and track away potential distractions. For many this will be any peaceful location, but also for people peace and quiet is itself any distraction and they focus greatest in a available, general public location being a restaurant. Whenever you focus using one task, that you are generating greater cable connections within your brain. Concentrate helps go what we are usually finding out directly into long-term memory so it could be quicker retrieved as soon as needed. Investigation has demonstrated your peak period of time for concentrated work is merely 1 or 2 hrs daily. In the event these hrs will be in a setting in which you are continually being mobile phone, that you are totally wasting energy. Our peak time additionally is frequently both early in the morning or maybe delayed through the night. Find a very good period for you personally.

5) Visualization - Seeing is usually connectingThe brain circuitry helpful to physically make a move could be the similar pathways employed if we think about the item. The mind doesn't distinguish among real as well as dreamed activities. Rehearsing emotionally can easily prepare yourself mind circuits in ways just like in fact performing some thing. Visualization could also help fix anxieties once you "see" on your own generating the change or maybe performing the duties you intend to accomplish. Visualization additionally leverages the energy regarding repeating to make as well as fortify sensory cable connections. You will find 3 crucial facets of visual images. Primary, the item must be correct. Imaging some thing inaccurately merely providers to fortify incorrect behaviour. Next, the more vivid as well as comprehensive you possibly can make the visual images the more cable connections the item produces in the brain. Next, visual images is usually most reliable in a nutshell trips chilled over time. It is better to spend 3 minutes daily for 5 nights instead of imagining some thing for 20 minutes in a day time.

6) Social Connections - Joining along with individuals builds cable connections with your brainSome have published this time put in hooking up along with people is usually more crucial as compared to perhaps retaining a superb eating habits. As humans, we are above all interpersonal creatures. The mind benefits you if we help to make top quality interpersonal cable connections. Once we interact with people in a shared change regarding revealing inner thoughts, objectives, as well as tips the mind produces oxytocin, any chemical substance which gives you a terrific impression regarding joy. Find people that talk about the curiosity about the change you intend to help to make. Find these, that that you, have attempted to change the lifetime, to know the latest proficiency, to start the latest business, as well as to take up a fresh section into their existence. Discussing the ordeals as well as listening to people talk about the ordeals helps your brain modest their conception of the change as being a hazard. These kinds of benefits further fortify the cable connections that you are building with your brain and offer having a positive drive to stay. Individuals are usually almost all determined once they possess the fact they could have great results on finding out.

7) Recovery time - Provide on your own any breakFinally, one particular exercise we all need to have is enough time for you to recharge our mind. Ensure that you invest some time being non-goal concentrated. Just like yourself physically right after workout, our sensory circuits gain from a period regarding recuperation. Quiet time is usually a key point for resolving sophisticated issues. Once we are usually continually joining on the electronic digital imperatives regarding computers as well as mobile devices, our aware brain may be way too hectic to note the solutions our quieter, subconscious is usually giving around you. An excessive amount constant out and about and also you neglect the "Aha! inches occasions in which place directly into your thinking once you usually are not really planning on anything at all especially. When i examine some thing a few days ago related to this specific theme i always imagined seemed to be fascinating. The content famous that we will be amazed and maybe outraged at the manufacturing facility in which created their workers work 07 to 16 hrs daily, 6 or maybe 7 days 7 days, nevertheless we consider practically nothing to be "online" giving an answer to e-mail, text messaging, tweets, signals, as well as cell phone calls in any respect hrs of the nighttime and daytime. While you work at what exactly success means to anyone, consider the expectations, in which repeating helps your brain automate change, and this cracking put on more compact parts helps stay clear of receiving stressed. Concentrate is usually useful but minimal, so will not throw away the item, visual images is usually real on the brain, top quality interpersonal cable connections are usually rewarded, as well as thinking time provides you period being our subconscious. Right up until Next occasion, All the best to YouJohn Golding quit an effective 25+ year profession being an Technology executive to do normally the one a part of their outdated profession which he received genuinely arrive at love: teaching individuals. As a mentor as well as coach, Ruben have been firmly motivated by means of Victor Frankel's seminal work Male's Search for That means. Ruben has learned that while crucial as it is usually that you should obviously outline what exactly you should do, it truly is a lot more crucial that you should realise why. Ruben teaches in which when you realize the purpose, what exactly provides meaning in your lifetime, you become the driver of this measures, but not any voyager. Ruben generally likes to quote Dale Carnegie that wrote, "Success is getting what you need. Pleasure is usually looking what we receive. inches.


Brain Fitness Games

Brain Fitness Games

Brain Fitness GamesYou're at work, introducing a new employee to a co-worker, and you momentarily forget their name. Or you go to the grocery store to pick up something "urgent", and you aimlessly wander the isles trying to remember why you're there. Sound familiar? As we age, we generally find our brains feeling less and less reliable in our daily lives, and at some point, perhaps we cross a threshold and momentarily worry that this might be a trend. But the real question is: What can we do to keep our brains sharp?

There are many things we can do to challenge our brains. We could enroll ourselves in an advanced math course, or read the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary from front to back, but neither of those choices seems to be particularly appealing. Another option is to play any of the growing number of brain fitness games that are popping up in a variety of areas, including online, CDs and DVDs, and even game consoles. If you're going to do something healthy, you might as well enjoy yourself in the process.

Brain fitness games have a strong foundation in science, and offer a varied and complex workout across multiple areas of the brain. Although these games rely on science in order to be effective, for them to gain mainstream acceptance, they must also be delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. Casual gaming principles are a perfect fit, as they are designed to be fun and accessible to diverse audiences, including those that are new to gaming. The engagement and polish of a well-designed brain game not only has the potential to interest a large demographic, but can also help players find motivation to exercise their brains on a regular basis.
Brain Fitness and Casual Gaming

The explosive growth of gaming continues to bring a great deal of diversity into the industry, including new genres, distribution models, platforms and input devices. As a result, the demographic continues to expand, creating more opportunities in areas that were previously considered too small or niche to reach the mainstream. With genre-creating titles like The Brain Age, Wii Fit and Guitar Hero enjoying blockbuster sales, more and more people that haven't traditionally considered themselves to be "gamers" are getting actively involved in games on a regular basis, which isn't just great for the existing industry, but also for new companies and business models that push the boundaries of what we currently refer to as "games".

There is a large segment of the casual audience, generally in the baby boomer demographic, who enjoy casual game content but didn't grow up with games, and as a result don't necessarily feel that games offer enough value to be a regular part of their daily lives. However, the recent surge of health-oriented games has generated new interest, bringing more people into games and shifting the perception that games offer only entertainment.

Brain fitness games in particular are a great fit for these truly casual audiences, as the 30+ crowd that makes up the core casual demographic, is also more likely to consider the importance of keeping the mind sharp, for their everyday lives, as well as their future. The online space, with its ease of access to so many people, is the perfect place for people to play fun, healthy games that stimulate the brain, and even feel that it's a valuable use of their time.

Strengthening the Mind by Increasing "Brain Reserve"
One of the essential concepts at the core of brain fitness is the concept of "brain reserve", also related to the concept of brain plasticity, which can be strengthened at nearly any point of person's life by doing tasks that are novel and complex, and stimulate a balanced variety of areas within the brain.

Brain reserve relates to the brain's ability to physically reorganize itself in response to the demands placed upon it. A brain with a strong reserve is one that has formed many cellular connections and is rich in brain cell density. A strong reserve is generally believed to have the ability to delay the onset of mental deterioration, such as Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Simply put, mental diseases must work longer and harder to manifest in a brain that has built up strong reserve.

A healthy brain should look like a lush and vibrant jungle, rather than an island with a single palm tree. A jungle-like brain is representative of a healthy brain, because it is full of cellular connections that are very dense, and therefore indicate a very strong brain reserve. If you think of mental disease like AD as a weed-whacker, it invades the brain and begins to do its damage by destroying brain cells. However, it takes AD a long time to show any impact, if it has to destroy a jungle's worth of brain cell connections. In contrast, AD can manifest fairly quickly after infiltrating the brain if it simply needs to destroy only a relatively few cellular connections, like an island with a single palm tree.

Casual brain fitness games offer people a variety of well-rounded, scientifically based activities wrapped within a fun and engaging experience that is accessible to even first-time gamers. By offering stimulation across the spectrum of the brain, and ramping the difficulty in a way that increases the complexity of the tasks, brain games can offer people an effective way of increasing their brain reserve, and yet still have the appeal of casual gaming entertainment.

Balancing and Maintaining the Brain

Although organizations in the brain fitness industry sometimes use differing terminology, and may conceptually organize brain fitness into different categories, there is a general consensus regarding the major areas of the brain. At Fit Brains (, we divide our games into five major categories: Memory, Concentration, Language, Visuospatial and Executive Functions. In addition to these primary areas of the brain, each area is further subdivided into sub-measures that are reflected within game activities and progression metrics. These areas are not distinctly separate; they work together in conjunction, like different instruments in an orchestra, and can be blended with one another to achieve a fuller measure of brain stimulation.

The Fit Brains platform represents brain balance and brain reserve as the Fit Brains Index (FBi) and as Brain Points. If your FBi is in the "Healthy" range or higher, that is a positive indicator that you are regularly engaging in brain fitness exercise on the site. Brain Points, on the other hand, are an indication of your cumulative brain fitness efforts across all games since you first joined the site. It is valuable for players to be aware that both the FBi and Brain Points benefit the most from regular, balanced activity across the five major cognitive areas.

At Fit Brains, we designed our casual brain game platform on a foundation of existing cognitive training research, such as the ACTIVE study, that continues to emerge from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. The scientific aspects of the platform are designed by a prominent neuroscientist, Dr. Paul Nussbaum, one of the leading brain health doctors in the US, and recent winner of the 2007 American Society on Aging "Gloria Cavanaugh Award" for his excellence in training and education in the field of aging.
The ACTIVE study, funded by NIH, demonstrated that adults are able to improve brain functions with proper training. The brain is healthiest when it is active and regularly challenged. With frequent brain training, the brain performs optimally and is able to maintain its abilities through the years. In addition to brain fitness games, the other important aspects of a healthy brain lifestyle include physical fitness, nutrition, socialization and meditation/spirituality.

The Right Motivation: Brain Fitness or Entertainment

In order to offer the benefits of brain fitness games to the widest possible audiences, it is important to consider the motivations and interests of the potential demographics. Some people are looking for something to help them exercise their brain, while others are merely looking for entertainment, but will also likely appreciate the added value of brain fitness. An effective, mainstream brain fitness experience allows users to choose their own motivations, while providing them with opportunities to expand their horizons, and either learn more about their brains, or be encouraged to challenge themselves with more entertainment-based accomplishments.

On the brain fitness side of the equation, Fit Brains offers a suite of tools that track a wide spectrum of player-progression metrics across the various activities. This includes balance between each of the major brain areas, as well as targeted recommendations based on more fine-tuned metrics related to each of the cognitive sub-measures. To round out the offering, there are also a series of brain circuit trainers that guide players through a balanced brain workout over a specified period of time, ranging from 3 to 30 days.

For those who are more motivated by the entertainment aspects of the site, there are also a collection of meta-game incentives designed to encourage players to visit on a regular basis and play a wide variety of brain games. These features include Brain Points, Trophies, Achievements, Leaderboards and Social/Community Gaming. They are each intended to encourage a more "sticky" brain fitness experience, by inviting players to return to the games frequently and extend their experiences, or earn special rewards that go beyond the games themselves.

Ultimately Casual Experience

One of the most important goals of brain fitness games, as well as casual gaming in general, is to be accessible to the largest variety of audiences. As the market expands and brings in more people that are new to games, this becomes even more difficult. One of the biggest challenges is to find the right level of game difficulty that can accommodate a wide range of both experienced gamers, as well as those playing games for their first time. Some games offer user-chosen difficulty settings that can be intimidating or confusing to new users, and often don't accommodate the complete spectrum of player abilities; other games have only a single level of difficulty progression designed to fit everyone.

Brain Fitness Games

At Fit Brains, our casual brain-fitness games are designed to accommodate the fact that many of our site members are often new to video games. In order to minimize issues with "user-chosen" or "one-size-fits-all" difficulty settings, we have developed an adaptive database system that allows us to offer personalized gameplay experiences through a variety of progression-charting and peer-clustering mechanisms. This technology allows us to gather valuable user metrics from various components within each game in order to set baselines that are relevant to each user and that are contrasted with statistical patterns derived from the broader site user population.

This data is displayed to the end user in the form of brain fitness metrics, which also includes brain exercise recommendations and brain training circuits. The data is also used to personalize each user session, by adapting each of the games to a variety of trackable parameters, including: scoring, play time, content accessibility, cognitive difficulty, and more. Over time, the database continues to adapt to each player and provide personally-tuned, casual brain fitness gaming experiences for everyone. By utilizing a self-tuning backend system, users of any level can join the experience and find both challenge and reward on a personal level. This focus on personalization allows the brain fitness experience to be effective and also accessible to the widest audiences possible.

In order for brain fitness games to resonate successfully with mainstream audiences, it is important that they provide the right balance between science and entertainment. The science extends the game beyond a mere "brain theme" into an effective tool for personal growth. The entertainment helps people to maintain the motivation to participate in healthy activity on a regular basis. Brain fitness games may share many of the same opportunities and challenges found within the casual games industry, but the health-oriented focus has the potential to resonate more deeply with players, which in turn helps the industry expand and draw in wider audiences that may be even more casual than the existing ones.
Mark Baxter is the Co-Founder and VP Product at Fit Brains ( H has been in the Games and New Media industry for more than eight years, in a variety of roles including: Officer, Producer and Creative Director. He was the President and Founder of Gnosis Games, an independent games studio that developed multiple #1 Casual Games, including "Paparazzi" and "Private Eye". In 2005, Gnosis was nominated as the Canada New Media Award's "Most Promising New Company of the Year".

In 2006, Gnosis was sold to Threewave Software, a AAA game development studio focused on producing top-tier online content for PCs and consoles. As a Senior Manager of Threewave, Mark lead the Gnosis Casual Games division and worked closely with top brands and clients including: Disney, Electronic Arts, Real Arcade, Shockwave and Big Fish Games.

Mark has a background in Psychology, and is actively involved in a variety of educational and "Serious Gaming" initiatives (games that educate through entertainment), including SAGE for Learning (Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments). Mark was also a Speaker/Moderator at the 2007 Casual Games Conference, and is an active member of the New Media BC Program Advisory Committee.

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